L.C.M. Local Committee Member(s)


L.C.M. Local Committee Member(s)

L.C.M. carries the District News to the meetings.

Group Donation Options

Monetary Donations

District 41 Treasurer, P.O. Box 7226, Villa Park, IL 60181
District 41 Answering Service, P.O. Box 6365, Villa Park, IL  60181-5318
N.I.A. Treasurer, Northern Illinois Ares, Ltd., P.O. Box 3926, St. Charles, IL
General Service Office, Grand Central Station Box 459, New York, NY

On line Monetary Donations

NIA Web Site:  www.aa-nia.org
District 41 Web Site:  www.district41.aa-nia.org

Service Donations of Time and Talent
As an AA Group there are many ways to enact the 12th Step.

GSR REPRESENTATION.  Select a group/meeting member to attend the once a month District 41 meeting.  Select a GSR alternate.  Meetings take place at Anona East, every third Sunday @ 1pm.

ANSWERING SERVICE.  As a group, offer to volunteer phone time, covering one day or hour per week.  Answering Office @ First Congregational Church of Elmhurst.  Hours 9am-9pm.

TRANSPORTATION VOLUNTEERS.  Take turns offering rides to meetings and workshops.  District 41 volunteer forms are available.

ATTEND WORKSHOPS AND ASSEMBLY MEETINGS.  There are many helpful workshops and local seminars that could strengthen your sobriety or your groups effectiveness.  Organize an outing together.



L.C.M. Local Committee Member(s): The LCM(s) have the important task of passing information – ‘spreading the word’ on what’s happening in A.A. locally, in the area and in the New York office to those groups that do not have GSRs. This means letting people know about:

  • Events taking place (locally and in the area)
  • How/what the district is doing
  • What took place at the last district meeting
  • District needs/opportunities, both financial and people-wise

      -How/what the Area is doing (this also includes GSO)

  • What took place at the last area meeting
  • area needs/opportunities, both financial and people-wise

This sharing of information should also include presenting local service opportunities, stressing the need for volunteers and continuing financial support, to local A.A. groups. The LCM’s should also carry feedback from the various groups about the individual group’s specific interest or concerns for presentation to the district committee. It is not the intent for the LCM and its volunteers to become the GSR's for those meetings, but rather to suggest they get connected to AA as a whole by having one of their own.





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