A.A. “Bridging the Gap” Program

The “Bridging the Gap” Program, or “BTG”, connects the new member being released from a Hospital or Treatment Facility to A.A. in their community. What Districts need is to have volunteers to make that connection, this called a Temporary Contact. The job is simple. When a client or patient (that has requested the contact) is about to be released, a Coordinator will match their information to an A.A. member (that has signed up to be a Temporary Contact) and that A.A. member contacts the new A.A. member and arranges to take them to A.A. meetings. Preferably within 24-48 hours of release. They would take them around to different meetings and help explain the A.A. program.

There are presently about six Districts in NIA 20 that have implemented the bridging the gap program. Ask your District Treatment Chair how you can help.

Bridge the Gap Website

Bridging the Gap Pamphlet