Digital Newcomer Packet

Welcome to the Digital Newcomer Packet.  The collection below is a small sampling of the A.A. literature available.  The information below was intended to assist individuals who seek help with recovery from Alcoholism whether for themselves or others.  The titles below will link to a brief summary of each pamphlet and the ability to download a PDF version of the pamphlet.  Please note that A.A. guidelines allow for one (1) printed copy for your personal use.  For additional information about A.A. literature, please send an email to


This is A.A.

Is A.A. for You?

A Newcomer Asks

A.A. at a Glance

Information on Alcoholics Anonymous

A Brief Guide to A.A.

Problems Other Than Alcohol

A Message to Teenagers

How it Works

Questions & Answers on Sponsorship

Where Do I Go From Here?


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