Delegate’s page

Delegate’s Page

Winter 2020 GSO Documents

Seventh Tradition Letter from the General Manager
2021 GSC Proposed Agenda (English)
2021 Propuesta de Agenda GSC en español

Call for Stories – A.A. for the Older Alcoholic 2020 – Audio

AAWS October 2020 Highlights (English)
AAWS October 2020 Highlights (en español)

Fall 2020 GSO Documents

GSO Bridging the Gap letter
September letter from GSO General Manager
October letter from GSO General Manager
August Special Virtual Finance Presentation
70th GSC Final Financial Report (English)
70th GSC Final Financial Report (en español)


2020 General Service Conference Documents

70th GSC Final Report 7-29-20 (in English)
70th GSC Final Report 7-29-20
(en español)
Agenda Items forwarded to 71st GSC (in English)
Agenda Items forwarded to 71st GSC (en español)
70th GSC Advisory Actions  (in English)
70th GSC Advisory Actions (en español)
Committee Considerations (in English)
Committee Considerations (en español)
Floor Actions forwarded to trustees’ Committee (in English)
Floor Actions forwarded to trustees’ Committee (in español)
2020 GSC Final Agenda (02-08-2020)

2020 AAWS Highlights
in English
in French
in español

2020 7th Tradition Letter from GSO

ECR Trustee Summary, November 2019 Board Meeting
Proposed Agenda Items for the 70th GSC
AAWS November Highlights (English)
AAWS November Highlights (en español)

2019 A.A.W.S. Highlights
March 8 Highlights (English)
March 8 Highlights (en español)

2019 General Service Conference Documents
2019 Summary of GSC Actions
2019 Final GSC Agenda (English)

2019 Announcements
Get Ready! Alcoholics Anonymous 2020 International Convention invitation
February 2019 Grapevine News
New Grapevine Toolkit

Call for Stories
Invitación a presentar historias – folleto para las alcohólicas de habla hispana
Call for stories – Pamphlet for Spanish-speaking Women Alcoholics

2018 A.A.W.S. Highlights
March 9 in English, Spanish, French

2018 General Service Conference Documents
Summary of the 2018 GSC actions
Final agenda in English, Spanish, French
Preliminary Agenda (7 Nov 2017)
Articles à l’ordre du jour préliminaire (7 Nov 2017)
Proposed Agenda Items (11/20/2017)
Proposed Agenda Items (8/18/2017)
Puntos propuestos para la Agenda

Grapevine News
February 2018

2017 General Service Conference Documents
AA Grapevine Presentation
AA Grapevine Report
AAWS Report
Anonymity Workshop Summary
Resumen del taller de anonimato
Conference Advisory Actions in English
Acciones Recomendables de la Conferencia
Conference Quick Reference
Conferencia – Puntos Sobresalientes
Conference – Summary Presentation
Committee Considerations in English
Consideraciones de los Comités
Finance Presentation Slides
General Service Board Report

2017 A.A.W.S. Highlights
March 10 in English, Spanish, French
July 27 in English, Spanish, French
September 15 in English, Spanish, French
October 27 in English, Spanish, French
December 8 in English, Spanish

2016 General Service Conference documents
2016 Committee Considerations
Consideraciones de los Comités
2016 Advisory Actions
2016 Acciones_Recomendables