VIRTUAL Pre-General Service Conference Information

Greetings NIA 20 Committee,
We’re excited to share the details about our upcoming Pre-General Service Conference Virtual Workshop.  Attached are the event flyer and agenda – they include access details for the event.  Please review these items and share them far and wide.  They can also be found on our website.
A few things to note:
  • This is an entirely virtual session, to be delivered using the ZOOM video conferencing platform.  Here is a link to several Zoom resources to help anyone who is just getting familiar with the tool.  These quick and easy videos and articles are worth the time to gain confidence with Zoom.
  • We need to share this far and wide in the districts and groups so folks know where to meet us.   
  • Please encourage District Officers, Committee chairs and members, and GSRs to consider which group(s) they will attend, according to the agenda and their groups’ areas of interest.  Participants will be able to move from session to session if they wish to join multiple discussions.
  • The committee meeting hosts are getting together in advance to review responsibilities and to practice.  Wish us luck :).
  • DCMs and alternates – we’ll be setting up a call with you to get you even more acquainted with the plan and make a way for questions and practice before the event.  Look for that – it’s coming soon…
So,  let’s pull out and study our background material and prepare to have a fantastic workshop!
While current events are revolutionizing how we do nearly everything in AA, thank you for your patience, extra time, creativity, and commitment.  In the midst of major changes, one thing remains – we will do anything to keep the message alive for that drunk that is still out there suffering or has yet to be born.  You all inspire me and I’m proud to serve with you.
Please direct questions about the event or agenda to myself, Chris D ( or Marilyn F (
Be safe, stay connected and have a wonderful sober day!  “See” you soon.
In loving service,
Carmela R
Chair, Panel 70